Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe after successfully retaining his NABF featherweight title against Christopher Diaz on the 20th of November 2021 at the Michelob Ultra Arena, Paradise, Nevada, USA continued to win the WBO international featherweight title against Joel Gonzalez on the 23rd of July 2022 at the Grand Casino, Hinckley, Minnesota, USA.


The President of the Ghana Boxing Authority, Mr. Abraham Neequaye Kotei addressed and praised Isaac Dogboe saying, “Today I am a happy man and I know the boxing family is happy and I know everybody is happy. I met the Hon. Minister yesterday and he told me that I should apologise for him not being here because of other engagements but he sees this one as very important that I should tell Isaac that he is behind him and the Ghana Boxing Authority.


From the GBA point of view, today is the day I think in the life of every president you are praying that one day you have a world title and today we are here to announce a world title fight between the one and only, Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe, the one we call “Neho, Neho, Neho” he is the eye of Ghana now as I am speaking to you at the world level I always say that no one becomes a world champion you need to be in the world ratings so Isaac Dogboe is the eye of Ghana now and we pray that all Ghanaians should pray for Isaac Dogboe, the Ghana Boxing Authority is doing everything we can to support Isaac, he has been one of the boxers who has shown love to Ghana boxing and this is a man that we prayed for and we thank God that God has listened to our prayers and he is going in for a world title again, all that we have to say to Isaac is that God bless you, from the family of Ghana Boxing we say God bless you for lifting Ghana boxing world wide.


We are going to be with you in spirit and physically, I will be there with you in your training camp, so during the boxing, the minister is coming, the chief director is coming, the supporters are coming, and everybody is coming to be with you there. This is our home and we also urge everybody to come in to support us, boxing now has been the number one sport as I have been saying, two-time world champion already, the man sitting beside me, the man Isaac ‘Royal Storm’ Dogboe, the most disciplined Ghanaian and storm boxer. Today I don’t have enough words to praise Isaac Dogboe the only thing I can say is God should help us and I know Isaac will bring the WBO title home.”


With vigorous training and anticipation, Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe during a presser today at the African Regent Hotel officially announced he will be mounting the ring to fight Robeisy Ramirez for the WBO World Title.


Dogboe has been through the mud in the ring to place Ghana on the map after his predecessors promised to make sure he makes his fans and Ghana proud. After lots of anticipation, 1st of April 2023.


As lots of chants of excitement came from those in attendance, Isaac added his fight will be a motivation to what he started in his bid to add his part in building boxing from the grassroots.


In the presser, Dogboe said, “The Interim title, a full world title is still a world title as it stands, the Burrito fight is February 3rd and as it stands I am fighting in April so that’s relatively a longer time frame between that, so when that happens it doesn’t matter like I said, provided there is a title on the line that’s what we are planning for and that’s the decision we have taken. And back to your question on whether there is an assurance in boxing, I would say there is no assurance in boxing, you decide what you want, you train hard for it, you go out there and you take what you want, you take what you feel you deserve and that is our mission. Our mission is to train, prepare, go out there and fight and get victory by God’s special grace.


At this level no one is a pushover, you know everyone is sleek, everybody is strong everyone is sharp, and everybody is a shark, it’s like a battle between Kings, this King faces that King and it’s about who dethrones who. He is a good fighter, he has won two Olympic gold medals that come with something, he has fought I believe over 400 amateur fights that also come with lots of experience, his career is on a far step, he’s been in some good fights, so we are doing our homework and we’ve done our homework we know whom we going up against and we know what we are up against and come April 1st on Friday night we will be there to represent, we will be there to pick a victory by God’s special grace.


I am also on a different pedestal, in the end, it’s about how I feel within myself and my body, how easy I make the weight, for now, I would say I am feeling the featherweight division, I am getting stronger within the weight and I’m getting familiar within the weight, so am going to be here until the time my body tells me it’s time to move on”


I have been in the ring and delivered to the people of Ghana my motherland, the support I have received during the good and bad times has been immense, from the Ghana Boxing Authority to every single person and all I can do to show appreciation is raise the flag of Ghana high once again.”


He added by thanking all in attendance for their time while promising his work in and outside the ring will only increase.


Written by: Nana Kojo

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